What To Bring

What to Bring to Ensure Your Fun & Safety:
Hat – preferably cowboy or ranch style (with wind straps)
Jeans – preferably Wranglers®
Shorts – daily wear
T-shirts – for afternoon sun
Long-sleeve shirts – morning or evening wear
Sweatshirt or light jacket – outside morning or evening activities, casual wear
Boots and/or sneakers – closed toe and heel shoes, ranch wear
Sandals – for town visits
Bathing suits – for hot tub, swimming pools in town, mountain lakes, and hot springs
Fishing poles – fishing off ranch at nearby lakes, reservoirs, streams, etc., but license required
Lotion, lotion, lotion, and sunscreen – we’re dry, really dry out here and the sun is very strong, but you won’t sweat!
Personal – Comfort items. No so-called saloon on Ranch so BYOB (remember, town is 12 miles away.)


No smoking in any of the cabins – outside smoking permitted but please use butt cans.

Weather all depends on the WIND in Wyoming. Temperatures are very much like early summer at the beach. Beautiful afternoons (80-90) with a breeze and no humidity, cool mornings and evenings (60’s & 70’s), rain and lightning storms may occur in the summertime.

Altitude sickness can occur so please drink lots of water and take it easy the first day out on the ranch so your body can adjust. We are pretty high up (7200+ ft.) and sometimes it does affect visitors.

Town is 12 miles away from the ranch, with a Safeway at one end and a Super Wal-Mart way out at the other end. In town, we have family stores, restaurants, bars, and many other small town businesses, but no mall! Safeway, Ridley’s, and Wal-Mart are our grocery stores.

Everyone takes credit and debit cards, and there are lots of ATM’s and banks available, but no east-coast banks chains. (Bank of the West, First Interstate Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, First National Bank of Wyoming, Uni-Wyo Federal Credit Union, ACPE Federal Credit Union, Warren Federal Credit Union)

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